Brought back so many memories of when my 3yo was a newborn! Loved this guest post. So much truth... to all of it haha. For anyone out there thinking of becoming a parent, or on their way to it, you really don't want to put yourself in the position of acting urgently or making important decisions while you're so sleep-deprived. And that, at least for me, held true for about a year. Well, maybe more than a year. My kiddo seemed to hit every single sleep regression that had been written about, the worst coming around the 4-month mark. At that time, both my partner and I were getting maybe two hours of non-consecutive sleep a night (typically 15-45 min sips of sleep; babies are on shorter sleep cycles than adults, and 'sleep regressions' for infants have a lot to do with them being unable to end one cycle and transition into another... so they wake up every 45 min sad, grumpy, frustrated, etc. Which is very fair haha), and then going to work full-time during the day.

Definitely plan ahead as much as you can. Set your environment up for your success, even if it does mean buying, renting or borrowing things whose life in said environment will be very short.

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Absolutely loved this guest post! So much great wisdom to come from Ricardo's parenting experience thus far. Definitely found all these points valid and useful to anyone looking to build a better routine and maintain consistency, which I always am! Thank you Ricardo for the tips and thank you Nadia for always sharing with your community!

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Forever an advocate for the arts 🙏

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